"The first online chess curriculum to actively teach key life skills!"

From the students...

"Thank you for teaching us about chess! Even though I knew most of the material, you let me look at chess with a whole new understanding." --Nathan, age 12

"Dear Coach Rob: Thank you for teaching me so well in chess. You are the best chess coach I've ever had!" --Ian, age 10

Thank You card
Thank You card

...And what parents have to say:

"Thanks for providing a great opportunity for all the kids to learn chess and start them on the right path to develop critical thinking skills."

"Great course for beginners. The structure of the lessons was logical for a beginner and well-organized."

"My girls knew nothing about chess and learned in six weeks. Coach Rob is a great instructor and I highly recommend his weekly chess classes."

"Nice instructor. Patient approach with lots of encouragement was a good fit for our beginning chess player. Thanks!"

"Thanks to your course, my daughter Akanksha immediately went to intermediate chess at her school. Thank you Coach Rob!"

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