Attention: Seagull Parents - Chess FUNdamentals Is Back! Mondays after school!

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What Is "Chess FUNdamentals?"

Chess FUNdamentals is where every young chess player should start out. Kids get everything they need to know to learn how to play chess – yes, they learn the rules, and they learn them correctly! But more important than that, as the rules are taught, the students are learning how to do so much more than just push pieces around on a board.

Chess FUNdamentals students develop a solid foundation for future success.

Chess FUNdamentals is the Beginners / “Level One” / Start Here Course, and is recommended for all chess players to establish a solid foundation.

For just $25 per class, your student will learn everything they need to know to enjoy playing chess for the rest of their lives!

Here Is The Course Calendar:

Sunset Hills Elementary Chess FUNdamentals

Mondays 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/20

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